Saturday, January 31, 2009


Petite Four

I am not about to start a peace rally here, but even the littlest effort makes a difference. Show your support to end the war in Gaza by wearing this tshirt! Making a statement doesn't mean you need to be boring. Jazz this up by wearing a bright coloured bottom (fluorescent pink skinnies, anyone?) and high top sneakers.

Lings & Blings

You probably have tons of long necklaces and demure, silver ones with charms on them. It's time to add something more elegant and suited to the ballroom to your collection. This grapevine choker exudes elegance and looks best when paired with your elegant LBD.

She Loves Shopping!

We've had cinchers and woven belts, now give way to the loose belt! Okay that was just something I came up with, I don't really know the name of that belt. Hehe. This one looks a little exotic with the coconut shells and strings. Looks best when you wear it with a straight cut dress (a plain design one would be better). You can let it hang loose or make it as tight as a cincher, it all depends on how you tie it.

Velvet Ribbon

It's so sad to see so many pretty dresses and yet you don't have anywhere to wear them to. For me, anyway. I'm sure you ladies have lots of places to go, especially if you're in the city! This lovely crochet and oriental floral dress is very East meets West. Pair with mules if you're going for the demure look; gladiators to tone done the girlishness of this dress.

Glittery Glam

It's hard to find a plain, dual toned dress that I actually like, and this is the first! Let's see...I like how the length isn't too long. I like my dresses short. The neckline is a little too short though. But of course that can be solved by wearing a tube! I'd wear my espadrilles with this dress.

Beau Monde

If it's cheap preorder clothes you want, this is the place to go. Like, seriously. This long halter top can make someone happy by just looking at it. I can just imagine prancing in the sun with a straw hat, sipping orange juice. Or champagne.


It's no wonder this cincher has been sold out. No worries though, cause it's restockable! The buckle has a really intricate design on it. A little bit of vintage, and a lot of chic value!

Oriental Sparkles

True to their name, this pair of earrings really look oriental. Pair them with an LBD or a casual outfit of a loose halter and jeans.

Dusty Lace

I dare you to wear this to your lectures! I don't know why, but the mish mash of fabric here reminds me of harajuku. Not that the overall effect is very harajuku-ish, but you get my drift! Pair this with low cut canvas sneakers and lots of bangles on your wrist! As well as barettes in your hair.

Soak Republic

An OD of freedom here, if you give this to someone for their 21st birthday. Or, it could be a subtle message. Which key fits the door to your future pathway? Be warned, for there are four doors and four keys; the key you choose determines the you in the future.
Okay, I'm getting all mystical. I should stop. Haha!

Phat Muffin

This blazer is vintage at its best. Two bright colours, and you haven't even seen the sleeves yet! Quick, go check it out. This will be perfect to brighten up a plain outfit. My suggestion will be to wear this over a white tank top and black pinstriped shorts!

Princess Feverlicious

When you have a bottom with plentiful designs, the best top to wear with that is a plain, design-free top. Collared tshirts add a preppy look, more so if you tie a super-high ponytail and wear black rimmed glasses.


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