Friday, January 30, 2009


Hello, people. I am so sorry for the lack of updates. :( I haven't written a review for days and the laziness has caught up to me. Ergo, the outdated clothes.

Vibrant Swirls

I like how this dress has a casual yet formal feel to it. Be warned though - not everyone can pull off turtlenecks, especially if you don't have a long neck. If you find this dress a little too plain for your liking, there are always plenty of colourful and embellished cinchers for you to choose from.
Groomy Room

From plain, we come to fancy. I am liking the abstract prints on the dress! If you didn't already notice, there are two little peep holes near the neckline. Way to show off little bits of skin! A thick belted cincher would be perfect to add some body to this straight cut dress.

Style of 8

There's a reason why so many of the major reviewers reviewed this pair of shoes. It's so obvious; they're gorgeous! Easy slip ons, and there's the quirky little diamante button or whatever you call it for you to grip on, lest the shoes slip off. Heels like these elongate your legs, and they work well with skirts.

Still Sisters

How often do you see an orange bag? Black, brown, and white are so last year (haha, I'm a hypocrite). Get bright coloured bags like orange, lime green, and fuschia! If the orange isn't enough to make you fall in love with this bag, I'm sure the design will.

I would like to stress again that Valentine's Day is coming up! So for guys, HINT HINT. Every girl needs a wristlet, so why not make it this baby pink (which girly girl doesn't like baby pink?) Victorian Secret wristlet? Ladies, if your boy doesn't read this, make sure you deliberately leave this page open (at this section!) for him to see.

The Sticker Monster

Blinging your phone has never been this easy. If you're the type who doesn't like to glue each and every little piece of diamante, rejoice, for there are sheets like these! Give your phone a little punk rock makeover ala Avril Lavigne with these black and pink stars.

D Lookin Glass

If you're going to venture into the amazing world of tights, let me introduce to you a sample of what can be worn with them. This kimono-like long top cum supershort dress. Nice green shade! You can wear them with coloured tights. Try...dark purple! If you bought a supershort skirt or dress that you don't dare to wear out, wear them with tights. And heels. Please, no sneakers. Not unless you have mile long legs.

A Girl's Wardrobe

Tie dyed and gradients are usually associated with hippy style, but not when you have gorgeous dresses like this one. Looks a bit romper-ish, but I can assure you that pairing this with high top sneakers will look pretty good. Add one of those bangles that you can push up till your arm.

Velvet Ribbon

Presenting to you another long top cum supershort dress! Though this might be a little too short a dress for the tall ladies. For the petites, this will work just fine with tights. Yeah. Don't you just love the tie dyed bits and the tiered parts on the side? Something different to add to your wardrobe.

Like Seriously

This came out like, a few times but I didn't get a chance to review it cause it got snapped up so quickly. With good reason too, because can you see how gorgeous it is!! I am seriously contemplating on getting one too. If you missed out, you have another chance on getting these shoes!


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