Saturday, January 24, 2009


Frills Shoppe

Let's stave off the supershort skirts for now, and focus on more decently-lengthed mini skirts. Skirts like this one are such a dear! Pair it with a bright coloured top to make it look less dull, or a white top for minimalistic options.

Frozen Petalz

Grey should never be acquainted with old! This one's more towards the formal side, so you can wear it for presentations as well as to the office. If you're going for a fancy dress party, you can wear this with a cream, long-sleeved high necked blouse, do your hair up in a chignon and wear a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles. What are you going as? The Typical Uptight Librarian.

A Cup of Sugar

More long tops to hide those hips. I like this one because it has the little wraparound motif going on, and plus, it has pockets! The only annoying little factor is that you will always need to wear an inner top, unless you plan on showing off your cleavage. Nevertheless, it looks casual with jeans, but will be sexy with patterned tights.


That is one gorgeous camera. I mean, look at the quality of the picture! Ahem. Back to topic. It might look like a plain blue dress, even with the rosettes. But it's okay, cause that's what cinchers are for. Also, you can fold in the sleeves and make it look pinafore-ish instead of slightly capped. Most of all, I really like the dark blue colour of this dress.

A Girl's Wardrobe

That is a halter, right? Sorry, I can't tell. Anyways, the straps are a tad different than your average halter, because it looks like skinny belt straps! Ha. How's that for a taste of dominatrix style. I'd recommend black PVC leggings and black leather boots for the complete look!

Round Bean

Guys (as in, literally), hint hint! Valentine's Day is coming in exactly three more weeks. It's time to start looking for the perfect Vday gift. Of course, this applies to girls too. For the guys, if your girlfriend is into purple and vintage, this necklace is your best bet. That purple polymer rose is so divine, and will look even better than the bouquet of roses you're going to give her.

Femme By J.E.

There I go again with skirts. Can't blame me, they're the best girly thing to wear, next to dresses. In fact, they're even better than dresses, because you can mix and match! This flowery skirt has a very exotic feel to it, kind of like the tacky Hawaiian style shirts tourists always wear, but more fashionable.


Hello, biker jackets! I'd have picked the black one, but that's too common. I chose an uncommon colour in biker jackets; green. Paired with that neon polka dotted skirt, this looks very retro! Kind of like the era where people went to "discos" (which we now call clubs. Lol) and danced the locomotive and the "a-go-go"? Is that what it's called? Nonetheless, I really salute that era. Lots of psydellic clothing and wacky fashion! Anyway, you can make this jacket more towards this current era, by wearing it over a white tank top and dark skinny jeans with oxfords. No boots; we don't want to overdo the biker chick look.

Iccy House

More puffy skirts! Now they also come in shades of elegance (read: brown). Team them with clear coloured tops to take off the dull brown look (there's a difference between elegant brown and dowdy brown). Of course, the colour must match. If you wanna wear clashing colours in a fun way, go ahead. Just don't take yourself too seriously.


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