Thursday, January 22, 2009


Phelauwer Boutique

As you all already know, I am an avid fan of scarves. Skinny striped scarves and knitted ones are usually my love, but when I saw this floral one I got converted. What is there not to like about the purple flowers on this beige-y scarf?? It's very Somerset Bay - I can just imagine this scarve, a white tank top, and a mini denim skirt.


I am yet to find an overalls which suits me. Or a pinafore. At my last bazaar (the Fleur de Lis. I couldn't attend Absolute Bazaar 2, so sad!) I tried on a few pinafores and overalls, but they just didn't suit me. Le sigh! Anyway, This light coloured pinstriped overall shorts look pretty damn nice to me. An added bonus is that they look quite formal, especially with that belt! Though I don't think it'll surpass the office dress code...

A Lil of Everything

Speaking of office dress codes, perhaps this one might make the cut! It looks a little on the short side, but that can be easily countered with tights. Since this is a plain dress, make it patterned tights. Love the slit sleeves that show off a bit - just a bit! - of skin. With a thick cincher, the look is complete.

Enchanting Hearts

280 Deniers going for RM15! That is wayy cheap. You'd better not pass up on this bargain. What's better is that they're also selling grey tights, gasp gasp! I've only ever seen grey tights twice in the blogosphere, but maybe it's because I don't take time to surf around. Anyway, ever since I saw Ringo ( wearing grey tights in a picture in her blog, I fell in love! With the tights, I mean. Hehe.

Luscious Lips

What's better than a corset? A half corset, of course. You can work it like a cincher too, except that this one is way thicker. Hmm, what else can I say? The total combination of this outfit on the model looks absolutely amazing! Now that's a way for you to wear that half corset.

Le Femme Fatale

Now I can't really tell if this tshirt is for guys or girls. Nevertheless, you have to admit this design really stands out. I can see vending machines and that casino game thing (I suddenly forgot what it's called). Actually, on second look, this looks more like a guy tshirt to me. But of course, girls can also wear them!


Have you seen a pair of zebra striped tights before? Neither have I! Now this is the first of its sort. Looks so much like a predator (or a dominatrix, more like) on the kill. For full effect, wear a form fitting satin (or PVC!) dress. Rawr.

Shoppink Queen

I realize most other reviewers have already reviewed this pair of shoes as well as the tights above, but with good reason! They're too good to pass up. How often do you see a pair of leopard printed oxford booties? You're going to be legendary, especially in dark jeans and a slinky top.

Signature Style

There's the cardigan that shouldn't be too long, and there's the overcoat that should be long enough to cover your hips. Like this grey one, for instance. Though our weather doesn't permit us to wear gorgeous winter coats, it doesn't mean we should skip out on the fashion too. After all, we have our man-made winter that's available all year round, should the electricity not run out. They're called Air Conditioning.


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