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Okay, so here's the extremely long entry I promised. It would've been even longer with the amount of emails pouring in, but I can't be updating with every email I get, so baby steps.

Like Seriously

Poofy skirts and I have a little bond. I like them, and they pretty much look good on me. But then again, they look great on almost everybody. They look great with tank tops, graphic/statement tshirts, or long sleeved knit tops. If purple isn't your thing, they have other colours as well!

Favourite Boutique

Of all the oversized shirts I've seen, this is probably the one I like best. Striped and a little see through, you can wear something inside and create a little peekaboo session. Wear it on its own with tights, or add your own pants, and you look great. If you don't like it hanging too long, you can tie it up cowgirl style.

Junkz Deluxe

The dresses made to look like a matching top and skirt are being increasingly seen lately. I like this pink and black combination. The skirt isn't too long, and the back is stylish with the ribbon bows and a little bare back. Go from the office to the clubs in this baby! Just change shoes; pumps for the office, and strappy stilettos for the club!

Phat Culture

Off with the fitting, on with the baggy? Sure seems like it with this off shoulder top! Best news is, the inner halter is included with the off shoulder top! You can spice it up by wearing your bikini underneath, with a pair of shorts.

Round Bean

Goodbye charm bracelets, hello long windy bracelets! You can wind this bracelet as many times as you can around your arm, to create the illusion of wearing a few bracelets at a time.

Velvet Ribbon

Valentine's Day is slightly more than a month more! Get prepared for that romantic date (or outing with the girls!) in this sweet pink dress. Elegant enough for a dinner at a restaurant, and sexy enough for the clubs.

Little McQueen

High waisted anythings cover up a slight bulging tummy, especially if it's denim. They also look especially chic when paired with a basic coloured top, and sandals of any sort.


Vests, I have seen aplenty. Vests like this, however, hardly come by. A little bit of sequins, a little bit of satin, and I don't know what else. Haha. Got a rockstar tshirt? Pair it with this, denim, and footwear of your choice.

Vintage lovers will love this vintage inspired blouse. When worn right, you'll escape the grandmother look and become a vintage chick! How right is right? You'll have to find out for yourself. Teehee.


Every girl needs a simple cocktail dress that'll suit any occassion. Of course, the perfect choice would be an LBD, but let's have some colours for a change. Like this wine coloured dress with a diamond middle! Now if that diamond were to be bejewelled, it would be pretty nice as well. Pair with blinged up shoes and shoulder dusting earrings and you're good to go.

Oriental Sparkles

If long chainy necklaces aren't your thing, opt for this simple short wired necklace. I totally dig the pendant! Little flowers dotted on it. Reminds me of a cookie with coloured frostings.

Vibrant Swirls

Barbie would be jealous of these shoes! Baby pink with pretty bows; I'm sure Xia Xue would fall in love with this. Haha. Best part is, the height's just right; not too high, but with enough height to make your legs look long. Pair with a white sundress!

Think Glamz

I wouldn't usually go for dresses of this sort, but what the heck. It's something different and worth reviewing for. With a turtleneck, cut in sleeves, pleats and supershort, it's almost like the modern day Audrey Hepburn, especially with those long pearls. If you were to get those elbow-length satin gloves, it'll really be very Audrey Hepburn.

Luscious Lips

Asymmetrical length blouse with a halter and bright red swirls! Perfect for CNY, as well as a casual outing to the mall. Pair with jeans, or if you're petite, tights.

Ministry of Clothes

When I saw this, I hyperventilated! I haven't bought a tshirt, a proper tshirt, for quite some time. At only RM20, this seems like the perfect one! Plus, my love for cameras are undeniable. Digital cameras, DSLRs, lomo cameras, I see them on this tshirt!

Petite Four

Now this blue kimono is something I really like. The flowers and swirls really have an oceanic yet floral theme going on. Looks good on its own for the petites, and with leggings or tights for the tall ladies!


I'm bringing sexy back with this tshirt. Okay, that phrase has to be overused (probably an understatement) for every outfit that has a bare back. But seriously, LBD, backless; it's tantalising! With smoky eyes and strappy heels, the look is complete.

Wear a monokini to cover up yet show off skin. Don't get me? Well let me put it like this; your parents don't like you wearing a bikini for fear of showing off too much skin. So you wear a monokini (well, it's a one-piece bathing suit!) that's still as sexy as a bikini! This exotic floral one will look so good with an emerald green pareo.

Le Femme Fatale

On my first glance, these look like snakeskin. And how totally cleopatra-like is the black and gold one?? Even the white one has a mod look of its own. Same design, two different colours, two different looks. All the more reason to get both of it together.

Frills Shoppe

Don't you just love a clothes combination that comes together as one, and yet it can be separated? Take this tshirt and vest for example. The tshirt will look equally as good on its own, and the vest can be worn with something else. Value for your money!

Wear U Style

Fancy wearing something loose and sluggish looking for once? Ditch the baby tees and hip hugging jeans. Pair this loose pocketed tunic with shorts or jeans.


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