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Luv My Dresses

The age of the rompers are not over yet! Proof when this cute little tube romper appears. If you're not one to wear tubes, there's always the option of wearing a tshirt underneath. You'll still look fab!

Ten Lady Toes

Who here has heard of the 18SX version of Little Red Riding Hood! If you haven't, my my, I certainly must post it up here. But only if you want to read it. Anyways, TLT has more hand-painted shoes for you. So what if you have nobody to sit with during lunchtime? At least you have cute shoes. (Quote: Post Secret)

Autumn Closet

I'll admit, the main reason why I chose this dress out of the collection is because it's named after my zodiac sign. Nonetheless, this piece has a modern twist to the traditional cheongsam. Sexy keyhole design, satin, and mid length! You could wear it on its own, or jazz it up with a cincher like the model has.

Le Femme Fatale

Buying gifts for the male species has always been a disastrous experience. You know the thing they'd like most are gadgets, but with our meagre salary/allowance, we can't always afford them. So why not get them something classy, exquisite, yet timeless? Cufflinks! Every man will have to venture out to the working world, so having a simple yet classy cufflinks will ensure that your man looks as sharp as his working attitude. I personally like this simple Mont Blanc design.

Phat Muffin

If you're a fan of vintage designs, hop over to Phat Muffin. Vintage isn't really my cup of tea, but when I saw this bolero I had to stop and stare. The perfect drape for a halter or sleeveless dress in the office.

The Aura

A simple butterfly pendant, but when adorned with that polymer clay flower, it's something else altogether! I like the way the pink fades into the white. So lovely! Goes well with sundresses and anything that reminds you of a fresh spring day.


Tartan, plaids, gingham. They're all here to stay, so you might as well get some more of it while you still can. How about this cute empire waisted tube one, with a bow on the neckline? You can pair it with shorts, or if you're really petite, leggings or tights will work as well.

My Clothes Affair

Normal, short wallets are practical. But long wallets like these are more ladylike! Not to mention they're able to keep more knick knacks (more compartments!) and you don't need to fold your Ringgit notes. Don't own one? Start with this faux crocodile skin one then! Fyi, My Clothes Affair are having some pretty big sales. Tights and stirrups going for RM10 per pair, and RM28 for three pairs! This deal is so sweet that I already made my reservations.

Oh My Clothes!

This may seem like your ordinary graphic tshirt, but wait till you see the ripped effects on the back! Totally fierce, especially when paired with this slick PVC leggings and oxford glads.

Forever Boutique

Not enough of red in your wardrobe for the festive season? Then get this babydoll cap sleeved dress! It can be a dress for the petites, or a long top for the tall ladies. Wear with skinnies for the best look.

Pick Me Up, Buttercup

More vintage items for the vintage lovers. This time we have this lovely purple pleated skirt with a lace hem. It will look undeniably awesome with a fitting white tank top, but if you want a completely vintage look, pair it with a blouse adorned with tiny florals.

Hmm, methinks I should get started on a post with all red outfits. I can't even begin to count the number of red clothes I've been seeing around in the blogosphere. Bright reds are usually a pain to look at, especially for dresses. Deep reds are more classy, and easier on the eye. Like this tube dress! You can tone the colour down a little more by wearing black tights, just like the model did. Don't forget, they're selling Blythe dolls as well!

Simply Pretty Things

You absolutely have to see the many different ways to wear this dress. So many ways, so many styles, it's like buying five (random number) dresses for the price of one!

This dress is sexy alright, showing hints of skin. If you're not comfortable with that, you're welcomed to wear a tube inside. Otherwise, I love the cutting of this dress a lot! Simple, sleeveless, and black, it oozes sophistication without being uptight.


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