Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The Purple Polka Dot Shop

Cute earrings! I love how plain, silver earrings like these can just be matched with any outfit, from cocktail dresses to plain tshirt and jeans.


Their online boutique is revived! I personally think this dress is perfect for the OLs, as it's formal enough without being too uptight. Besides, don't you think the abstract rose designs are just so fab?

Room 8008

If you haven't gotten yourself a sequined top, here's yet another chance to fit one into your wardrobe. A plain racerback piece, it's easy to match with just your jeans or skirt.

Lovely Lolitas

More CNY goodies for you. You'd be spoilt for choices at the array of clothes all the online boutiques are bringing you. This here is a cheongsam inspired halter, which I think will look perfectly snazzy in a light blue denim mini skirt and espadrilles.

Midnight Glam

I love poofy skirts, and this satin pleated one is no exception. Paired with a button up shirt, this looks completely formal, but pair it with a sexy halter, and you're ready to hit the clubs.

My Vintage Garden

I don't usually dig the dramatic ruffles, but this dress looked so good on the model I couldn't possibly pass this up. I especially love the satin part of the dress! It might be a bit tad short for the office, but pair it with tights and pumps, and you're good to go. To the office, that is.

House Of Beauty

My boyfriend has this fetish for long sleeved tops. I prefer 3/4 sleeves, because they're more suited to our country's weather. Even if I was wearing a long sleeved top, I'd push the sleeves up. Teehee. Anyway, this top is the perfect combination of satin and...what's the other material? Cotton?? Whoops. This will look especially great in a prissy short skirt and ballet flats.

Jen's Closet

More draped vests because sometimes we want to jazz up a boring outfit. This one is different than the ones I've seen around; more material, and those cute buttons acting like cuffs in the middle of the vest!


Bags with more compartments because we girls have a lot of those tiny little stuff which we need to specially put in different compartments. Oh, you know, lip balm, tissue, sanitary pads, the works. This bag can double up as a sling, so if you're sick of wearing a tote you can always change it to a fuss free, casual sling.

The Kooky Thing

Patterned tights are all the rage now! And for good reason too. It's so easy to just put on an oversized tshirt, cincher, tights, shoes, and we're ready to leave the house. If you haven't own a diamond patterned one like this, well, you should!

Like Seriously

I'm not exactly a big fan of vintage, but when I saw this shirt I was like, wow! Love the colour and the fit. It's not long or big enough to qualify as a bf shirt, but who cares when we're lounging in this, a pair of white satin shorts and mules.


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