Thursday, December 04, 2008


Simply Pretty Things

A basic white sleeveless with some extra flourishes. Like, the absolutely cool crocheted back?? It's even more tantalizing than showing off bare skin, 'cause crochets only allow you to see little bits of your skin. The rest, is left to the imagination. So cliche, I know. Anyway, I'd wear this with a pair of light blue straight cut jeans and sneakers for the ultra casual look.

Autumn Closet

Shimmer in subtle tones of gold with this little tube dress. This dress will be perfect for the Christmas dinner. You could dress it up a little more with a cropped jacket, but it'll be fine by itself as well. If you find it a little plain, you could always wear a cincher, or one of those big flowered brooches!

Quadruple Queen

Did you know that the colour yellow has the ability to make a person happier? Well now you do. If you see a lack of yellow in your wardrobe, why not get this piece! It has a tiered skirt, ruffles, and straps broad enough to hide your bra strap! So why not?

Tic Tac Toe

Lace is so girly. Otherwise, why would they use it for our undergarments?? Anyway, this flowy top has another lining underneath the lace, so you don't need to worry about it appearing sheer and scratchy. My favourite part is the sash, of course.

Lumi Da Peri

This dress just screams, "mod!". Basically it looks like an empire waistline dress, but I can't be sure if it really is so. But I think pairing this with some patterned tights and ankle boots look very cool! Plus I don't think there'll be any need for an accessory, except maybe for a short demure necklace and earrings. Girls cannot leave the house without earrings. Never.

Goddess City

Wear the colours of the sun to the office and bring some cheer if it's mundane. Because you know you can do it. Besides, this tiered dress is fabulous as it is, you just need a great pair of shoes and your watch, and you're good to go.

Soul Chic

A tube dress by itself might be a little bland, but add some extra material, some creases, and pleats at the right places - voila! An absolutely divine cocktail dress you have there. We girls should have a few cocktail dresses (nah, make it plentiful!) in hand to wear to that sudden wedding we have, or an impromptu dinner at someplace never know.

Oh, Popsicles!

Look like Marilyn Monroe minus the billowing skirt in this little white dress. The best part of the dress is of course, the back. And then there's the adjustable hemline, fitting at the hem so that you can go how short you like (thus creating the bubble effect!).


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