Thursday, January 01, 2009


Hello everyone! How was your New Year? Mine was an eventful one, albeit a little tiring. But party's over - time to get back to business!

La Femme Fatale

These look like either donuts or floats to me. But since donuts cannot be black, I'll assume they're rockstar designed floats! Perfect for the Avril Lavigne in you.


Chinese New Year is all about red and prosperous. So don this red halter on the first day of CNY and show off that prosperous body!


Just when we had too much of tights, socks are in again! Okay, they were never really out. We just didn't show them off from our shoe-covered feet. But these look like mid-calf socks to me. Wear them with a mini skirt!


Let the one toned hobo bag be gone with 2008! Bring in the jigsaw-like bag. Btw, it's just a spontaneous name from me. I don't really know if there's an exact name for that kind of design, so please don't take my word for it!


If you're celebrating your CNY a little more grandly (especially for that reunion dinner!), don this elegant floral maxi! I'm sure the elders will approve, and definitely those of your generation. ;D Wear them with super high heels!

Rosette Coutures

Ooh, a diamante encrusted heart pendant! I'm sure this will go well with almost any of my tops. They don't lie when they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. We might have to settle for diamantes for now, but that's better than nothing!

Sealed With A Kiss

This jacket is very Pussycat Dolls! Just imagine if your wear something skimpy underneath, paired with satin shorts and strappy heels. Purr-fect.

Lush Serendipity

More is less. Especially in this case. With the tantalising crochet design showing off bits of your skin, it's even sexier than wearing a string bikini! Remember girls; it's nice to show some skin, but even nicer to leave some parts to the imagination.


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