Monday, December 29, 2008


Peaches & Pixies

I squealed with delight when I saw this pair of oxford heels. They have eyelets! Eyelets! These will so go with tights and a super mini dress.

Fabulousity Boulevard

Hands up whoever had the words "Space Age" come to mind when they saw this pair of heels! A space-ish as they are, I think they look awesome! I think these will go well with a printed mini skirt and whatever top you want to throw on.

Round Bean

Finally, a different sort of custom made necklace! I was getting bored with all the charms already. I love this combination of chain links and the cube beads! Come to think of it, I don't think I see cube beads quite often. Now that's a thought.

Ancient Orchids

When I saw this dress, I was like wow! The fabric design is really bold, and nothing says Sun Goddess like this dress. Plus, the uneven hemline creates height for the petites. Know what will make you stand out even more when you're in this dress? Six inch stilettos...can you handle it??

Phelauwer Boutique

Alas, not everyone is daring enough to wear the bikini panty. Salvation comes in the form of skirted bikini bottoms! Good enough to hide your ass, and you can still look fab in this giraffe print bikini.

Ten Lady Toes

Gotta love their hand painted designs! This one is very Alice in the Wonderland meets Nightmare Before Christmas. I wouldn't mind these babies being seen on my feet!


Can anyone say, "French maid"?. This sort of reminds me of the men who go shirtless but wear a a collar and a bow tie, plus cuffs. Teehee. Except ours is a lot more sexier! Nonetheless, you won't really be that revealing in this slinky tube dress because of the collar. Formal enough?

Chubby A Bit

Dying to wear a kimono-ish top but don't look good at all in that V-neck and V-back? Well, here's the solution: wear something more flattering but with a similar design! Like this top. The back's covered, and the front is not the extreme V-neck like the normal kimono tops. I'm sure this one will flatter you more than the other.


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