Thursday, December 18, 2008


Clothes I Like

Right, let's start the post with a tshirt! As you don't already know, I am a very tshirts-jeans-sneakers sort of girl. Not the best look, but it's comfortable. And we all know nothing beats comfort. Except for style. Which brings to mind this tshirt! Tshirts with a face on it seems to be quite the in thing now, isn't it? I've seen it on runways but I think I'm not qualified to say whether it's this season's look or next season's. Nonetheless, I think this tshirt is great, whether or not it's in.

Little Miss Eggie

I'm so happy to think that we're almost, almost, over the overly-flowery maxi dresses that are everywhere. Although I do have an idea that the reason why they popped up so much is because maxi dresses are usually thought of as dinner-wear; elegant, formal. So I guess the flowery ones are meant for less formal occassions? Nonetheless, I still find it hard to get it out of my head that maxi dresses equals formal dinner wear. A good thing too, as look what I've found! Super embellished collar black maxi dress. The blinged collar was found on tops, now they've finally made their way to maxi dresses. But remember ladies, since you're so blinged already, scrimp on the shiny accessories.


I don't know why, but paisley always reminds me of indie. Not indian, indie. Nonetheless, I think this top looks stunning, especially the colour. It will look great with jeans and espadrilles, or maybe a pair of white satin shorts and strappy heels.

Do Not Bleach

Is it me, or does fedoras not go with short hair? A bit sad, guess I'll have to grow out my hair before it looks okay on me. But when I do get a fedora, I'd like one like this! Pinstriped, very androgynous. But then I don't feel like growing out my hair. I feel like cutting my hair ala Kinky Blue Fairy (the previous hairstyle)!


Oh, I like this dress. Very fierce! Or maybe it's just the model. But that's the thing isn't it? 10 different people can wear the same thing, but have a different outlook. What they wear blends with their style and how they carry themselves off. As for me, I don't have long curly hair nor mile long legs. So probably I can't look as fierce as her. Nonetheless, I love this tartan tube dress very much!

A Fashion Reborn

Every girl should own at least a few pairs of long sleeved knit tops. Despite our scorching weather, there's something called air conditioning. And at times, it can be very cold. What do you do? Invest in this bright orange knit top, that's for sure! I think it'll look great in a white high waisted skirt!

Crystals Paradize

We've had the ocean inspired jewellery like dolphins and such, but hardly starfish! Your ears will look really starry wearing these, that's for sure.

Kiss My Shopping Ass

I love the name of the shop! Luckily, the clothes do not disappoint as well. Take this maxi dress for instance. Though I have mentioned I hate floral maxis with a vengeance, I really like this one. A deep dark blue, it looks as though those flowers are peeking out in the darkness at the beach. I have no idea why, but it looks like that to me.

Velvet Ribbon

If you're down in the dumps, wear something really bright to brighten your mood. Like this pink tiered dress! Look fabulous, stylish, and be happy at the same time. Tone the dress down with darker coloured shoes or bag.

Luscious Lips

Ooh, I quite like this tshirt! It's like LeSportSac meets Nippon paint blobs. No kidding. I'm loving the vintagey look of it, coupled with the unbrightened-bright colours. Don't understand me? It's okay. As long as you like this tshirt as well, who cares??


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