Monday, December 01, 2008

all dressed up with places to go

This entry is dedicated to dresses! With dresses, you can either be girly, sweet, elegant, demure, sexy, or vampy. It's all in the dress and the attitude.

Soul Chic

Let's start with yet another pinafore. Sweet pink, with two cute buttons on the waistline. Looks best when paired with a top inside, preferably white. However, if you don't mind, you can always ditch the inner top and wear it by itself.


This shop sells mostly vintage clothings, but when I saw this I immediately fell in love with it. With its dark coloured plaids, it looks preppy. But with its overall design, I can't say whether I should call this a pinafore or not. This is certainly something different from the mainstreams in the blogosphere, especially with the quirky slit down the front.

Dress to Kill

Dress to look sporty in this! Although it's supposed to be a long top, but I guess for the extreme petites this should do as a mini dress. You could copy the model and dress this up with bracelets and a hat. Or you can change it a little to your own style. Instead of a beret, try a trucker cap. Instead of bracelets, try cuffs. Improvise.

The four things I love about this dress:
#1 The candy colours that are available.
#2 The pockets
#3 The racerback style
and most importantly,
#4 The long drawstrings! Seeing as it's so long, there are so many ways for you to tie it. You can tie it round and round and round your waist, crossed like in the picture, or make it a long dangly ribbon. Take your pick.

45°C Workshop

See what I said about bright colours being in fashion now? Even the OL dresses aren't spared. Thank God for small favours, otherwise we'd be stuck in the mundane world of OL fashion. This time around we have this bright yellow dress. Even though it's a simple short sleeved dress, check out the big big flower on the upper right and bottom left corner! Simply adorable. Pair it with a cincher, a tank watch and strappy heels.

Autumn Closet

Whenever I think of "toga dresses", I see a Greek god's clothing. No idea why. But anyway, you can look like a Greek goddess yourself in this stunning dark turqoise number. Will look great in a pair of gladiator heels or strappy sandals, alongside with a chunky bracelet and shoulder dusting earrings.

Miss Capsicum

A little bit of vintagey thrown here, but it still looks fab without looking too old, thanks to the tube design. Since it looks a little vintage, you can always add some modern accessories. Like, a charm bracelet maybe? A pair of dangly earrings, and maybe, maybe, some patterned tights might work. Good news - the skinny belt is inclusive!

Ministry of Clothes

The gates of heaven has opened today. This is exactly the type of elegant, formal maxi I have been looking for in the blogosphere. Not those flowery types, not those with kaleidoscopic designs, not the kimono types, but this. The whole dress is only in one colour, but yet it has the elegance. Perfect for dinners. That rose sash comes together with the dress, so all the better!


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