Monday, December 01, 2008

Advertisement 2

Hey ladies!

See the date 6th of December on your calendars/PDA/cellphone? Well, be sure to mark them for now, because that's when Sweet Toothsome will be bringing in their first ever batch of brand new items! For those in the dark, Sweet Toothsome usually sells pre-loved clothing. To make it clearer, here's a snippet from their blog:


1)As items will be released on the 6th of
december,there will be a promotional 10% discount for orders made within the day

*note: NOT reserved but confirmedsimply drop us an email asap of which
item you wish to order and you'll be entitled 10% immediately! easy

2) for every purchase made from our 1st batch of brand new items, you
are entitled 10% off any preloved items marked with a ***

3) and..... that's not all.

There will a little surprise for those who have purchased from our first
batch of brand new items our own way of saying thank you.. =)

This, we're gonna keep it a gotta purchase to find out bout it urself...! ^^

You know what to do now. ;)


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