Thursday, November 06, 2008


Afternoon, ladies! Thank you soo much to those online boutiques for dropping by and leaving comments. Being a newcomer in this area, I really appreciate it! Now let's get down to business.

Now ain't this a sweet looking top? I like how the straps are thick enough to conceal bra straps (no horrible visible-bra-strap-line!) and the part below the boob area is loose, concealing that tummy after a hearty meal. Plus it's sweet and so totally girly! The boys will fall in love in an instant.

Buckle Buckle


What I love about slingbacks - your heels won't slip off! Ever had those embarrassing moments when it's bad enough that you're teetering in your four-inches, and then the shoe slips off? I like the classy white too, it matches anything! And it's not too fancy-dinner-ish like black heels. ;) Best part is that it's peep-toed, so those of us who have unsightly fanned-out toes needn't worry!

French Kiss

This online boutique is so amazing. How is it possible that they are able to make basic clothing look so high fashion??! We all know how sluggish bf-shirts can look. Their photography makes it Anyway, I'm not going to talk about bf-shirts! This particular stunner caught my eye! It certainly has the kimono-ish vibe going on, but this is definitely different from the ohers! I looove the hemline! So different it makes me squeal with glee - I want this! Sadly, it's sold out and not restockable...sob! I was too late! Nevermind, a good piece deserves a good review anyways!

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

I like empire waistline tops. The flowy hem totally conceals the lack of a flat tummy, but beware! Choose those with heavy material or you might end up looking pregnant instead. This tube top looks fab, and even though the pattern is flowery, the dull colour tones it down. I like! Pair it with skinnies and stilletos, and you're good to go.

Oh, Popsicles!


No matter how you look at it, cinchers are a lifesaver. Bought a dress that doesn't cling to your body, thus making you look like some homeless waif? Cinch that waist, and tadaa! Instant stylishness. Own a button-up shirt that's too loose? (Hello, Interact/Leo uniforms!) Cinch it! So ladies, do your wardrobe some good and invest in a good cincher! A safe bet is to buy those simple looking ones in a solid, easy-to-match colour like black or white. Like the one above!

Beau Monde


This site is having a sale! Clothes for RM30 and below omgomgomg!! This one looks totally laidback. When I see this, I envision a Sunday afternoon prowling the streets of KL looking so uber cool. Or even going to uni wearing like that and acting totally cool while everyone's eyes are on you.


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