Saturday, November 15, 2008


Simply Pretty Things

Back to basics. How about a simple plain smocked tube top? If you're daring or petite enough, you can pull this off as a mini dress! Looks good with jeans or tights, whichever you like. This is a shade of blue which I hardly see around the blogosphere!

Elegant Extravaganza

The holiday season is here, so get into the mood for the beach! For once, let us ditch the girly charms like hearts, stars, and whatnots. Get this seaside inspired charms; the bucket's handle can actually move! Too cute.

The Cute Closet

My favourite desserts are ice cream. But I'm sure cupcakes and coffee will do as well. They've updated with more tshirts! Quick, go check it out now!!

The Kooky Thing

Now this is the first of its kind. A bird in a cage! Want to make a subtle statement to your parents? Wear this. *cough*

The Sticker Monster

Breathe new life into your gadgets by blinging -or as Xia Xue would say, zhng! - them. If you, like me, have an undeniably scratched-to-death phone but can't change it, bling it up to make it look newer and hide them scratches! Or if you just like your phone to look pretty and shiny, encrust them with these diamantes. They come in a variety of colours and patterns, and it's easy for you to stick 'em on!

Bebel Nina

How about a sheer flowy top for that Sunday afternoon outing? Casual without being too frumpy, it's nice to wear in our hot weather! If you're afraid of it being too transparent, wear a spaghetti, halter or tube inside.

Bambee Dear

Monochromatic stripes! I love the black-grey-white combination. Very brooding and mysterious. Wear this during your cold lectures and you don't need to bring a jacket along! Wear it as a mini dress too if you're petite enough.


How about this for a Grecian inspired top? Very ethereal looking and it has a faux necklace, so don't need to worry about this top being too plain!

We all love shorts. This one looks formal enough to wear to lectures, that is, if your college/uni allows shorts in their dress code. If they don't - fret not! Pair this with tights and a long cardi and they can't say no more!


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