Friday, November 14, 2008

floral madness

I initially wanted to go with the title "flower power", but that's too overused. This entry's theme will be all about floral designs! Because floral equals girly, and we all like to be girly once in awhile, if not all the time.

Vibrant Swirls

Here is yet another kimono, with black and white florals. And if my eyes don't deceive me, I think that there's a drawstring there?? So you can tighten the waistline without having to put on a cincher! The sleeves are puffy too, to add to the girlishness.

Kiss and Tell

This is too cute! If you look at them from an aerial point of view it looks as though you're just wearing a big puffy flower! These would so fit the beach, complete with a bikini and a pareo.

Charm Secret Garden

And we have another kimono. This one looks pretty in giant flowers of purple and yellow. Those purple flowers kind of look like lotus flowers, right? I like!

Thy Closet

Yesss! Another floral bf shirt! Oh but I think I should call 'em oversized shirts, cause the whole point of bf shirts being called so is 'cause they're masculine, right? This one looks all oriental and sexy paired with some shorts. If you find it too long, you could always tie the hem up and make it sexy sexy.


Flowers against a black wonder it's called Midnight Forest. I envision this on a dinner night out complete with a shawl and an updo.

Ancient Orchids

Purple and flowery! This one is a restock, and they're not going to restock anymore, so if you like this, quickly get your hands on it!!

Keaw's Paradise

Satin top with colourful flowers against a black background again. Looks like the Midnight Forest, except it's a top and less revealing. Pair this with jeans and heels and you're ready to go out.


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