Sunday, November 09, 2008


Hey all! I was at Absolute Bazaar yesterday, but only for a short while. Unfortunately, I went quite late, so most of the good stuff were already gone. I did get myself a cincher from Oh, Popsicles! though. The guy there was really nice! I think he must be the owner's boyfriend. So sweet ^^

Anyway, I can't seem to find many apparel that strikes my fancy today, hence the very late update. So sorry, guys. Here's a few pieces that deserve some review. Enjoy. :)

The Kooky Thing

I'm not really a big fan of loose clothing, as my ahem, assets aren't that big, plus I'm quite petite so it'll make me look even more petite than I am. This one is really nice though. I like the cute buttons, and I suppose we all need some loose material to give our body some air sometimes.

This shop here is pretty new. Here's a different kind of cardigan than the standard few that seems to be everywhere these days. You fasten it with a sash, so there's no need to be fussy and button up everything. It's knitted, so it's guaranteed to keep you warm.

Autumn Closet

I love my clothes with versatility. Well worth the money, yes? This one can be worn as a tube dress, a bohemian skirt, or even a high-waisted skirt! The dark blue is fab - a nice change from black.

The Cute Closet

Move over Baby Milo - hello, Bearbrick! I like tees to go with my jeans and sneakers on days when I don't feel like dressing up - especially those pesky 8am lectures. What better way to look cool than with an Ipod-toting Bearbrick?


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