Friday, November 28, 2008


Shopaholix Bar

Woohoo! I like this dress! It makes me wanna don a huge black Jackie O sunglasses with some long black satin gloves, black pumps and a long cigarette holder. Of course, I don't smoke. But it's very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Sherie Shopie

In this new century, most of us probably do not have virgin hair anymore, even more so if you're no longer in high school. So, no worries about that coloured hair blending in with this cute little scrunchie! Okay, so if you're still in school, at least this cute scrunchie is able to live up to the dress code!


Lots of Blair/Audreyesque dresses popping up nowadays? Not that I have any complaints! I love them a whole lot better than the kimonos. Anyway, how quirky is it that there are suddenly three little bows on the dress? Totally makes up for the prisoner-ish look of the dress. If you're horizontally challenged, I do not advise you to get this.

Adornment Alley

More earrings for the unconventional! Actually, some guys look extra hot with an eyebrow piercing. Hehe. Bet they'll look even cooler with a silver man on their eyebrows!!

TH Couture

Somehow, this dress brings Chinese New Year to mind. Must be the flowers. And if the flowers aren't enough to make you fawn, how about that superhuge bow???

Lala Bubbles Shoppie

Dresses are so in abundance these days. There are those which you can wear to college, those suitable for the office, and some for dinners. This one would be perfect for college. I especially love the ribbon on the side, and the overall monochrome effect of this dress.

The Kooky Thing

What's the one thing that can dress up your LBD and still make you look elegant? Patterned tights, of course! Considering the LBD alone is quite plain, why not dress it up more with patterned tights? It's not like there's much outfits to pair them with. I personally love the argyle ones. Don't mind me, I kind of have an argyle fetish.

Simply Pretty Things

Basics are one of my favourite things. Easy to pair with, and limitless accessories. Take this grey knit top for example. Plain, but you can wear it with any sort of bottoms you like. See that necklace? It's free! So you have even more necklaces to pair it with.

Sassy Stuffs

Yayaya, it's yet another oversized bag that you can bring to college or shopping. But we don't all have the same tastes, thus there are many different designs to choose from! I personally like this 'cause the inner lining is real cute.


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