Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey ladies! So sorry I did not update yesterday, as I was quite busy rushing with something. Thankfully, I'm already done! So here's a big fat post for y'all.

Bimbs Wardrobe

What does one do when one has a bad hair day? Why, one covers it up of course! With the many type of hats, you'd be spoilt for choices. If you wanna be a little funky, try this fedora. Very old British man meets androgynous chic, especially if you pair it up with a tshirt and a vest with some jeans.

Purple Peppermint

If fedoras aren't your cup of tea, why not try a trucker cap? Unlike ordinary caps, trucker caps have more ventilation, thanks to the mesh area. I like this rainbow-stripey one! The front might be a little plain, but the stripes say for it all.

Quadruple Queen

Hello, simple sundress for lectures! Perfect for a sunny day, and since it's flowy and all you don't need to feel all tight with pants. Best thing is that you can just slip on some ballet flats, grab your bag and you're good to go.

A Touch of Simplicity

Oooh! The Starbucks tee! I've been wanting to get myself one, but I can't seem to find the perfect tshirt. Yeah I know, it's just a tshirt, but there are perfect ones too! This brown one makes it look all vintagey, and the colour will most definitely suit a pair of jeans, no matter what colour. Except for black, maybe.

Shopping Princess

The reason why I posted a picture of the back of the dress is because that's the most appealing part! The front is nothing much to shout about, it's just a normal sleeveless front. But the good thing about these type of dresses are that people don't give you a second glance, until you turn your back on them. Then they'll regret. It's like people and relationships. What am I saying? Moving on.

Beau Monde

Cute beanie the model's wearing. But that's not the focal point of the clothes. The focal point is, the jacket! Yes, the jacket! Forget funky patterned hoodies, forget ladylike cardigans, let's go for something big, bulky and androgynous for once! Like this jacket with the many pockets and those cute gold (I think??) buttons! I totally love the entire combination of this outfit. A word of fashion. If you're going to wear a baggy top, opt for more body fitting bottoms. And vice versa. You don't want to end up looking haggard if you're too baggy all over, or slutty if you're too tight all over. Dresses are an exception.

Victory Fashion

Just because some days we don't wanna wear the racerback or halter and have to wear a different bra. I mean, we've got limits with out strapless/halter/crossback bra straps, don't we?? So we can still go sleeveless in this. Minus the uncomfortable crossing/halter bra straps.

Candy Colour

I quote the blogger: How low can you go?? For those of us female species blessed with bigger boobs, I say go bra less in this while clubbing! Don't forget the nipple concealer. And don't jump around too hard, you might have a wardrobe malfunction in it.

Dress to Kill

This bag reminds me of chocolate and vanilla ice cream wafers. No idea why. Both are equally yummy! And I think this bag is just nice for lectures. It looks big enough to fit your jacket, bottle of water and some notes, perchance?

Vibrant Swirls

Christmas is less than a month away, so get in the mood with this dress! Adorned with mistletoes...mmm. Great excuse for a little peck with that cute guy or cousin!


No more boring office wear! Not with this pinafore! Looks cute if paired with a ruffled button up blouse. Add a no fuss tank watch and a sophisticated necklace with some colourful peep toes and you're good to go! Do bear in mind that flashing your bra isn't too appropriate for the office though. For clubs - anything goes!

The Cute Closet

Gold buttons are not exactly my cup of tea, 'cause they tend to look quite tacky especially when paired with colours such as navy blue. Luckily, this pink and gold combo looks quite good together! Make it a romper-ish halter dress and you're good to go. This will look especially cute and sporty in a pair of sneakers. If you're not one to feel comfortable baring your back, you can wear a tshirt underneath it.

Tic Tac Toe

I bow to all things bright, pink and cutesy, especially this dress! So very striking, yet without being too much. Turn heads in the office with this dress. Who said office wear had to be dull?

Aphrodite's Touch

Don't look down on this humble black tank top. Sure, it's just a tank top. But with the right look, one can look extremely sexy and stylish in it. It is the wardrobe essential. I'll just give you a combo. Take this, one pair of dark wash jeans in whatever style you like, a brown woven belt, a long necklace or some chunky bracelets (never both together). Choice of shoes? Your pick. As for me, I'd prefer sneakers. So casual yet sexy. I love the look.

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

Yeah yeah, I did say I wasn't going to review anymore kimonos, but this is an exception. A particular exception, 'cause the design is very oriental and beautiful. Love the peacock shimmery flowers. I still don't like batwing sleeves, but I have to say, I like the design.

Fashion Unleashed

I must admit, I'm a tshirt-jeans girl. Why not? It's comfy, and with the right combination, you look cool instead of sloppy. Some girls just can't master the look. Or rather, they can't find the right jeans that suit them. I don't blame 'em. I'm still on the lookout for the ultimate jeans too. Anyway, I remember playing with paperdolls when I was a kid. It was so cool cutting out different clothing and tacking them on the dolls. Don't cut this one out though.


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