Monday, December 01, 2008


Hey people! I am so so sorry I did not update during the weekend. I had a few items lined up in my entry, but it wasn't enough to suffice as an update, so many apologies!

Emmy Cubic

Who doesn't love snacks?? It may be a sinful indulgence, but man doesn't it makes us happy. Even I am guilty of having the extra stick of Kinder Bueno. Anyway, enough digressing. Graphic tees are a great match with jeans, shorts or mini skirts. You don't even have to worry about it being too plain, because graphic tees are so...graphic!

Bows Lover

Huge bows are really hot right now! Here is yet another one of those cute cocktail dresses with the extra large bow! However, instead of being in a block colour, this one is in pinstripes! Cute. The fact that the dress is a halter makes me love it even more. No need for much neck jewellery or cinchers, 'cause this dress is perfect the way it is. Maybe add some bracelets, some shoulder dusting earrings or studs.

Iccy House

Camisoles are so sexy, especially when lined with lace. This one is MNG inspired, 'cause I've seen one in MNG which looks similar! Know what goes best with a camisole? A blazer. More often than not, if you want to wear the blazer as an outfit rather than something to put on when you're cold, a camisole underneath is your best bet. Or, if you're daring, you could just wear a bra underneath the blazer. Hehe. Anyways, wearing a camisole underneath the blazer is sexy, yet you won't suffer a heatstroke in it.

Lollipop Stylez

I have no idea why, but when I see this pair of preppy shorts I am reminded of Serena van der Woodsen. I don't know why! Maybe it's the grey colour, or maybe it looks really preppy, Serena style. Blair Waldorf would never be seen dead in shorts. Anyway, I think, you can perfect the same preppy look if you pair this shorts with a white ruffled shirt and a vest. Add a pair of knee high white socks and (trendy looking) loafers, and you could get the look!

Think Glamz

Yayaya, it's yet another vest. But this vest could go with the combo I just mentioned above. This vest is also a little bit different from the rest. The front pockets aren't faux pockets, they're real and useable. Plus there is a little bow on each of them pockets. Considering cellphones of late are quite tiny, the 8cm pockets should be able to fit your slim little baby. If not, there's always the mp3 player.


From the front, it looks like a simple cowl neck top. Turn to the back, and you'll see sexyback! With a sheer lacy behind, this is the perfect top to wear with your NuBra, a short black denim miniskirt and go dance like wild monkeys!

Mini Pose

I never quite liked tucking in my shirt, but damn it looks good on this model. A little touch of androgynity, but yet oozing with ladylike elegance. The shirt is very classic OL style, but it's up to you to see whether you can carry it off as Miss Frumpy, or Miss Elegant.


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