Monday, November 10, 2008

i'm too sexy for my guy

Although most guys we know don't do online shopping for clothes, it's actually great that there are a few online boutiques that sell men's apparels. Besides, admit it. We love guy who know how and where to shop, 'cause all ladies love a well-dressed guy.

However, after scouting the very minority of these boutiques that sell men's apparels, I find that quite a few sell clothes which are...not nearly very nice? But perhaps it's just from my point of view. I am not male, after all.

Anyway, who says only guys have to shop for men's clothes??? We girls can do it for our boyfriends. *wiggles eyebrows*

Phlox Studio

Females are such blessed creatures. We have such a diverse range of wear, that we can't possibly choose! Heck, we can even wear men's clothes (hello, bf shirt!). So unfortunately, guys are stuck with tshirts and pants. You could wear a skirt though, we ain't gonna stop you. ^^ This tshirt here is from the old stocks of Phlox Studio, but it's got a nice design! Canned drinks. Reminds me a bit of pop art, but a tad funkier. It's still available in black and white, but I really like this yellow one. :(

Lacquer & Lace

This shirt is great for presentations, or the working men. Ah, but it's not your average button up shirt. If you look closely, there are three buttons grouped together! It also comes with a sash for you to tie around your collar like a bow-tie style, and it also comes with a detachable hoodie. Thank God for the detachable sash, 'cause that thing is a little gay.

Anonymous blogshop. I'm not gonna say which!

My boyfriend's a break dancer, but hell would freeze over before he ever put this tshirt on. Even if he decided to buy it (the horror!) I'd cut it into little pieces and burn it. It's hideous! Who in their right mind would buy a tshirt with the KLCC towers emblazoned on it? And what's with the shoes below the tower? The tower can walk??? I mean, I'm not opposed to patriotism, but make it a little more tasteful, yeah?

The Apparels

The average guy would be lazy to shop. This jacket would be perfect them. Why? It's reversible! If you get tired of the outer colour, simply overturn it and tadaa - a new jacket. Do keep in mind to wash it though, guys. Nothing's ickier than sweat stains on the outside of your thick jacket.

Wearever U Like!

Sigh. If only my guy was metrosexual enough to don this top! Looks like not only the ladies get attention when they wear a low cut top, nudge nudge. This is unbelievably sexy! But guys, if you have a scrawny chest, I'd advise you to stay away from it.


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