Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello, ladies! The noon is here and so is the stuffy weather; I am feeling pooped even though I have not done anything major. What I have been doing is looking out for stuff to review! Check it out.


When I saw this, I got freaked. Pointy heeled gladiators! With all the faux leather and buckles and straps going on, it reminded me of a dominatrix. Can you hear the whip cracking already? Usually gladiators come in flats and espadrilles, but I think this is the first time I've seen one so pointy heeled! I'm not a fan of gladiators 'cause they make my legs look shorter, but if they're your cup of tea, go right ahead.

Fashion Flakes

I got excited upon stumbling across this! I've been wanting a smocked tube for so long, but all the plain ones were too...plain. This has buttons, and even a ribbon so that you can tie it to the front, or even use it as a halter! Me likes.

Serendipity Lush

Here's one for the office ladies, or for the presentations. Satin, ruffled and elegant. Pair this with a pair of slacks or pencil skirt, and perhaps some secretary-looking glasses for the professional look!

A Model Studio

This one is also suitable for the OL. It's a little kimono inspired, but I dig the knot below the bustline. You don't have to worry about needing to wear something inside, 'cause that tube you see is a faux tube, meaning it's already stitched inside. Wear it on its own or with some chic tights.

1 Babe Shop

I seem to have stumbled upon quite a few of the OL suits today. This dress is a faux two-piece. From the front, it looks as though the model is wearing a skirt paired with a top and a matching cardigan. But from the back, you can see it's actually a one piece dress! Tie the sash at the back to create an illusion of a waist, so that you don't need to trouble yourself with a cincher. I don't think the inner piece comes together with the dress, so you may need to use your own. All the better! You can mix and match. ;)

Minnie Bunnie Studio

A never-worned preloved skirt. You know how people say wearing white makes you look big? Don't believe 'em. With its frayed hem, this skirt is so casual! Pair it with a tshirt and flip flops, and you're good to go ala Laguna Beach.


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