Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I don't have anything to say this time! Happy reading my reviews. :)

Like Seriously

Every girl should own at least one scarf. Yes, I know we don't have winter or cold weather, but there's the occasional cold rainy day! And, the impossibly cold lecture halls. My favourite way of wearing a scarf is with a tshirt and jeans, and maybe some pumps. Way to funk up a casual outfit!

Jolly Dolly

What. Are. Those. Prints?? I don't know what you call them, but they definitely look funky. Funky enough that borders on coolness! And I daresay those gladiator heels actually matches the dress.

Joan Bead Shop

I used to really like Swarovski crystals on my cellphone straps, till it scratched the life out of my cellphones. And wasn't there a year when these crystals were in the height of fashion?? We saw them everywhere; earrings, bracelets, cellphone straps, keychains, etc etc. But I must say, I've never seen an earring quite like this before. Can it be categorized as dangly earrings? But then, it's not that dangly. Heart this piece. It's definitely different. And which girl can argue with pink??

Haute Diva

A preloved shop. This tshirt I like! Different radios resembling pop art, minus the boxes and colours.

Clothes For Fun

I know I've said before that button up shirts are uptight. But don't you just like it when the basic button up throws in a little twist for you? Check out the sleeves - there are three buttons there. Besides, nothing spells casual smart than a button up paired with distressed denim.

Candy Treats

Wear it up or off-shoulder, you decide. I like how chic this is - the flowers at the hem are totally not the innocent-girly type. Guess what? The cincher is totally free with the outfit!

A Touch of Simplicity

Prom's around the corner, ladies. Get this white clutch with a removable diamante strap. Careful not to spill anything devastating on it, or you'll cry trying to remove the stain.


Fancy playing Marilyn Monroe during your prom? Keep in mind to wear some nice clean undies, ladies. That skirt is light enough to fly up in the slightest of winds. And may I suggest that the clutch above goes well with this dress!

45°C Workshop

Finally, finally, finally, a bf shirt that isn't plain, in plaids or gingham. I was getting bored with all those squares already. The rose design even looks abstract; so don't need to worry about getting all flowery.


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