Wednesday, November 19, 2008



A trapeze dress suitable for the workplace. If I were you, I'd work that green one with some fancy tights and black pumps for that uptight yet colourful style.

Intolerably Cheap

Fancy a white woven tote from Esprit? I think this would go really well with the trapeze dress from above! It's not big enough to hold all the miscellanous items, but well worth enough for your essentials like wallet, keys, cellphone, lipgloss, etc etc.

The Cute Closet

This is such a cute little romper!! Omg, I totally want that pink romper (hint hint, Mr. Boyfriend) 'cause it would look so cute with that inclusive white tshirt and some high tops sneakers! Very nice for a day out (not shopping). Love the side buttons too. Though, I do have a teensy question. For those of y'all who already own jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers (however you like to call it) when you go to the washroom to pee, do you like, remove the whole thing?

Shopping Princess

Slim cinchers, because sometimes we don't like wearing broad cinchers and feeling a little tight around the waist area after a meal. Plus, these flowers are totally sweet. A nice accompaniment to that white babydoll top you have!

Style of 8

Wear this to the clubs and glitter! Be totally sexy in this baby blue mini fitting dress and some kitten heels and dance the night away.


Yay, another white top. Look demure in this with some light blue denim and ballet flats. String in some chunky bracelets and gigantic hoop earrings and you're good to go out of the house.


I'm not usually a big fan of designer bags, especially those monogrammed Louis Vuitton ones. I don't know, they make you look kind of old, don't they? We only have a part of our youth to wear funky clothing, and the rest of our lives to use...classic monogrammed material. Okay I'm digressing. Anyhoo! This bag I can tolerate! In fact, I do quite like it! It's black, so the monograms are quite subtle. And I love the gold clasp and the hobo style. Thumbs up from me!

Forever Boutique

I know, we've been trying to avoid our blue/turquoise pinafore during our high school days like the plague, but this is totally cute! At least it's stylish, smocked, and babydoll! A word of caution; don't go sauntering around high school areas wearing this. You could be mistaken for a better dressed student.

The Kooky Thing

So we had satin headbands, ribboned headbands, checkered headbands, elastic headbands, glittery how about some tweed headbands! I know tweed is totally British and old fashioned, but with a twist of young colour, it looks good! Besides, there's no better way to dress up a hairstyle than with some headbands.

Jolie d'amour

Yay for more smocked babydoll tubes. This striped one comes with a cute bow of the same material, as well as buttoned down buttons. You could wear this as a spaghetti strapped top too, if you like. Goes well with jeans that are not blue, because wearing an entire outfit of the same colour can be seriously tacky.


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