Thursday, November 20, 2008


Novel Creations

How would you like handmade jewellery? The owner makes on requests (I think), so if you have something in mind, do let her know! Take this anklet for example. Love the combination of the sweet lollipop with the flower spacing.


Oooh, now this is something real funky for the office! Bright, with a huge sash and high waisted. This one will really make that boring white button up totally...un-boring?? Pardon my vocabulary.

A Fashion Story

I like vintage necklaces. Especially those with random pendants. Like this one! A phone?? How random can you get? Yes, notice that freakish black thing attached to the phone? It's actually the phone's cord, but you can remove it if you like. If only the cord was curly...

Suga Dollies

Cute eyelet dress! Especially since it's off shoulder, it has that gypsy-look going on. Very nice for showing off your well toned shoulders without baring too much skin.

A Touch of Simplicity

Let's take a break from cinchers and go back to the old school belts for once. The best thing about woven belts? You don't need to punch in holes to adjust to your waist size, 'cause since it's woven, you can poke in that...that...(what do you call it??) thing anywhere to adjust to the length you like.

Secretly Lovely

Didn't I just post a dress similar to that yesterday?? Anyway, I don't think this dress is glittery. Good for clubbing too, nonetheless. Sorry though - that funky necklace isn't included.


Hands up those who like versatility! Then I shall introduce this dress to you! Although this picture doesn't show it, there's actually a really, really, nice pink (and diamante encrusted) brooch on the dress which you can remove if you like. But I don't think I will. That bling suits the dress! Plus, this dress can be worn as a tube, halter, toga, be creative! Grab one in sunny yellow to make yourself happy. Didn't you know, yellow in small doses can make a person happier??

Shopping Playground

Necklaces that look good enough to eat. Speaking of ice creams, I had my rainbow Paddlepop today! Yes, totally childish I know, but I've been eating that ice cream ever since I was a kid. It's still as yummy! I like the pink ice cream. But of course. Who doesn't like pink??


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