Friday, November 07, 2008


Hey, ladies! Sorry I updated a teensy bit late today; I was out the whole day, thus the lack of internet. This entry is gonna be all about bags, bags, bags! Remember what I said about how a girl can never have too many bags? Well, here you go.

Eye Catchers

How long has it been since we carried a knapsack around our backs? If you're not still in high school, chances are it's been more than a year. Remember when we phased out our knapsacks for sling bags in middle of high school 'cause they were deemed more "cooler"? Geeky is the new cool now, ladies. Besides, a knapsack ain't so hard on the shoulders compared to other type of bags, save for the fanny pack. :P

Bebel Nina

I remember spotting a giraffe-printed bag in one of those quaint little shops in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. I totally regretted not buying it, 'cause I can't find it back now. :( Although this bag here is from the older stocks of Bebel Nina, it's still for sale!


Prom is coming up soon. If you're wearing an elegant but free-from-embellishments dress, this is the perfect accompaniment for you. Way to glam up your entire outfit in an instant! However, if your outfit is already sparkly, stay away. I repeat: stay awayyyy. There's nothing worse than being over-flashy that borders on tacky.

Bag Lovers

Slipping out of the house for a few minutes to the shops? Going out for drinks at your local mamak but don't wanna bring a huge bag along? Opt for this one! Just nice to fit your wallet, cellphones, and car keys, for the drivers.

Little McQueen

This one is for the college/uni girls on the go. Simple and fuss free, black goes with any outfit. It's even big enough to fit a laptop and more, so don't go hunting around for a suitable bag when you're all bleary in the morning.
Or if you're going for the preppy look, plaids are your best bet. I like how the dark turqoise goes with the faux leather; gives it a British vibe.

Feeling happy? Tell the world in this bright pink bag! Or feeling down? Brighten up your day with this happy clappy colour. Nothing like a good dose of reverse psychology to perk things up. Plus it's quilted; chances are it's soft. Good substitute for a pillow during those boring lectures...*cough*

Wanna be funky? This cute bag brings out your inner child! Bring it to escapades to the beach, zoo, or water theme parks.

VIP Closet

Going for a short trip? Ditch that uptight trolley bag; opt for a carrycase! Less chances of it getting lost in the check-in, and doesn't it gives you security to know that your belongings are close to you? If things get too heavy, there's a sling for you to hook on.
Now I'm off to scout for more stuff to review in the next post! Ta :)


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