Friday, November 07, 2008


Updated with a few of the latest in the blogosphere. Check it out:

What to Wear?

This shop sells preloved clothes. I like racerback tops; they're sporty looking, plus they show off your torso (and boobs! *snigger*). This particular one is long as well, so it hides those flabby thighs. It might be a plain top all by itself, but looky, it has a satin ribbon attached! Tadaa - instant spruce up.

Fashion Catcher

If only our country had cold weather. I would get myself this, but I'd risk getting a heatstroke. Nonetheless, it looks fab paired with skinnies and boots as well. If you're going on a holiday somewhere cold, do get this! Can you spell s-t-y-l-i-s-h, anyone?

Shopaholics Unite!

I'm not a fan of vintage clothing, but this piece I can tolerate - and even like! So ladylike, makes me wanna pair this with a straw hat and run around a park barefooted under the light rain with my love...ahem. Sorry, I got carried away.

My Shopping Spree 2

Okay, this is not one of their latest. In fact, they haven't been updating. :( Where are you guys?! Anyway, this piece looks so good by itself, and even better on bare legs. The dark shade of purple is also elegant, I like!

Wild Berry Kiss

We spent 11 years trying to avoid wearing our hideous and unflattering uniform - the pinafore. But then again, it looks like we do miss those times, don't we? At least we won't be stuck in an unflattering cut, solid block colour pinafore. We get to choose! And look good in it for once! This one has big ass buttons, and pockets. I love my dresses with pockets. The white tee comes together with this pinafore, so no worries about being too revealing.


Is this what they call the "tulip dress"? It's pretty, isn't it? White, satin and all shiny...ooh! This cocktail number shows off your legs and shoulders, so flaunt 'em.

Cat in a Bowl

Goodbye trucker caps, hello berets! French and classy, nothing like a good hair acccessory to glam up that basic tee-and-jeans combo. Unlike caps, these babes won't make your hair look all funny after you remove them.

Mini Pose

Oh, my. Such a demure dress (save for its short hem)! Perfect for a date with the boyfriend without looking too overdressed. If you find it a little too short for your liking, try wearing tights or jeans with it. ;)

Absolute Bazaar will be held tomorrow at 3k Inn! See you there, ladies. :)


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