Thursday, November 06, 2008


And I'm back again...with mooooreee!

Don't you just love window shopping?

Shopping Princess

I cannot emphasise how much I love empire waistlines! This one comes printed with cherries. I've seen quite a few cherry-printed tops, but most of them looks pretty childish cause the cherries are printed way too small and too many. This one looks very English rose-like to me. It comes in black and white, but the sash (it's detachable!) for the black one is in black. Personally, I think the white one looks innocent and the black one looks ladylike classy. ;)

Dress to Kill

A girl can never have too many bags. And the bigger, the better! What with all the things we need to carry around with us like our equally big ass wallet, multiple cellphones (one for each network!), camera, make up bag, tissue paper, 3-fold umbrella - oh the list goes on! - we'll need a big bag to carry it all. Better make it one that'll never go out of fashion too, like this simple looking bag.

Lovely Paperdoll

When we were in high school, we were dying to wear big ass, dangly earrings just because we weren't allowed to wear those to school. Then we attended college and uni, and we've had our equal dose of big ass earrings. Time to give those earlobes a rest ladies, here's a pair of really cute studs!! They're just too sweet to be missed.


Ain't this something different? Ever heard of pocket watches? Now it comes in the form of a necklace!! Or a keychain, whichever you prefer. How cool is it, a real moving watch hung at your neck? It looks so vintage too!

I'm off for today. G'nite!


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