Saturday, May 23, 2009


Like the dawn of the dual-toned dresses era, theses "vintage" floral skirts are also plaguing the online shopping scene. With good reason. I know it's almost summer, but florals are very in! If you check out the overseas scene, you can see florals everywhere; dresses, skirts, the works. It's really quite pretty, if you don't overdo it. :) A cute floral mini like this will look great with a tank top (then again, I am always pairing almost everything pattern-y with tank tops). Teehee. Espadrilles too!

Yay, more dual-toned dresses! This batch are sleeveless, and you should definitely check out the variety of designs that she has. I swear, with the amount of dual-toned dresses coming out, you can totally start a collection already. 

Check out the range of bows she has here! She has pussybows and small bows. Bows you can wear on your head, and bows you can wear on your clothes. Be creative. Remember that basic top you have? Jazz it up with this bow! Or be totally different, and wear this bow on your head with a totally tomboy-ish ensemble. 


I couldn't decide which to review between this two, so I picked both! And I like them both cause it's different than what you'd usually see in the market. That cardigan is so not argyles, but yet I don't know what kind of print to call them. That triangle-geometrical thingamajig? Haha. A fabulous addition to your wardrobe. And that dress? The so-called boyfriend tee is so out; this plaid shirtdress is in! I like the cutting of the sleeves the length, the sash, and the fact that you can wear this as an overcoat as well. :D


I'll be honest. I only posted up the picture of the back view of the dress because I totally dig that tattoo. =X But! But! This dual-toned dress is real awesome too. I especially like the skirt part; falls really nicely on the hips, eh? Although I think I'd wear this sans tights, partly because of the weather and partly because I think this dress looks better with bare legs. :D

What is this! I wanted to review that bra t-shirt but it was already sold out and not restockable. :( Sad, it's almost the same as the one Cheesie wore in Australia. :( Oh well, this b&w vintage cars t-shirt is pretty cool as well! They'd look totally rad with skinny jeans and a vest. 


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