Thursday, April 23, 2009

Announcement 13

Hey people. Finals are next week, so updates will be real scarce from now on. So my apologies if I don't post your requests up a.s.a.p. Please be patient, I will post up every single request; none will be forgotten, except of course, those who give me stuff that you didn't buy online.

Some people may have missed the other post, but I mentioned that I will not be posting up stuff not bought online anymore. Okay that sounded quite confusing. Um, I will only post clothes, accessories and stuff that you bought online. Nothing else.

Seems like there's so many bazaars going on now! You guys are so lucky, being able to go shopping while I have to slog it out for my exams. :(

My exam finishes mid May. I so look forward to then! Toodles.


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