Monday, January 05, 2009


Miss Capsicum

It really is the perfect dress for Chinese New Year! Red flowers to suit the CNY theme, yet in a tube design for a more modern look. Actually, if you do a second take, this could look quite English as well. Pair with demure kitten heels for the best look.

Lala Bubbles

We have androgynous clothes, so now let's have androgynous bags too! Just yesterday I saw one in Ruffey ID, and I fell instantaneously in love with it. Now, I see another one! Love the adjustable belt like strap on the bag. I could just use it with a beret-tied up bf shirt-jeans-heels outfit.

Cherry Beby's Closet

Art is all about imperfection, and as we can all see, the most imperfect illustrations are the most famous. Take Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Edward Munch for example. So take an imperfect girl and put her on your tshirt; pair it with jeans and sneakers and a scarf. Nice!

ESN Clothing

At the right length, 3/4 sleeved clothes can make your arm look mile long. This mini dress with the bubble sleeves can do just that trick. Pair with tights and you'll look chic!


What a sexy romper! Body fitting, and zippered. You can even play around with the design to create a collar, or just leave it at that. Do hurry though; there are only two pieces of this electric blue one left!

Jovy's Wardrobe

Know what's the best and worst thing about empire waisted dresses? Best thing; they hide your flabby tummy. Worst thing; when the wind is in the wrong direction, you'll look like you're pregnant! Nonetheless, don't let that stop you from purchasing this cute red chiffon dress! If tubes aren't your thing, I think that ribbon can double as a halter string as well.

Kiss and Tell

So ballerina-like! Simple sleeveless, grey, and super short. This is the time to experiment with coloured tights! Try purple or fluorescent yellow; if you're brave. Or maybe you'd rather stick with dark argyle tights. No problem. Go crazy with colourful cinchers as well, or long necklaces!

The colours on this halter is so fabulous. Perfect for the well endowed amongst us, for you can show off your deep cleavage in this! For those who are not so confident in exposing your cleavage, you can wear a tube inside. It might be a bit too revealing during the daytime sans inner tube, but great for clubbing!

Sales for the males! Grab this comic t shirt for your boy or brother and watch the appreciation on his face. You could get this for yourself too, if you're a fan of big tees. Check out more of their male items!


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