Monday, January 05, 2009


Clothes For Fun

It was love at first sight when I saw this jacket! Somehow the plaids don't look as vintage as your usual plaids, but more hiphop. Hmm, must be the jacket. I'd love to be seen keeping warm with this, a camisole underneath and a super short skirt!

The Chocolate Buttons

I've always been a fan of halters; not just because of the exposed back. It sort of creates a longer, leaner, (and bigger boobed!) image of my torso. But maybe it's just me. Anyways, halters have always been deemed inappropriate in the office, but I guess this won't be the deal any longer! Not when we have formal looking ones like this halter! Wear this with a sleek pair of slacks (pinstriped dark grey?) and pointy toed heels. Guaranteed to wow your colleagues.

Favourite Boutique

Basic tops are probably the dullest item of clothing in our wardrobe. That is, if you have zero accessories on yourself. With basic tops, the amount of things you can use to accessorize is limitless! You can wear a scarf, like this one. Or, multiple long beaded necklaces! A vest. Cinchers. You'd be spoilt for choice. A very cool look I'd try is this long sleeved top, a denim miniskirt, and multiple long beaded necklaces. If you have a pair of boots, wear them. If you don't, canvas shoes will make an equally nice trick!

Cheap n Chic

Didn't I say blings were here to stay? Cute tube top by the way! I think I simply can't find fault with it. It's pink; my favourite colour. It has satin. It has sequins. Wear this with a super short mini and hit the clubs, or pair it with your favourite jeans and a cropped cardigan, and you're good to go for a dinner out with the boyfriend.

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

If you love pinafores, you'd be glad to know that they have a huge assortment of colours for this one! Personally, I love the green but there isn't a picture of the front of the green, so I'll settle for my second favourite. It's amazing how many kind of tops you can wear with this pinafore, and yet each different kind (of top) changes the look! So experiment yourself and see.

Cat in a Bowl

I just love the cute appeal of this dress! For one, the colour and design is so totally bright, anyone would feel happy just looking at it. Secondly, this dress makes the perfect outfit for a lunch date, whether with the boyfriend, girlfriends, or parents. Just slip on a pair of sandals, studded earrings and you're good to go.

Clothes I Like

Chinese New Year is approaching; have you stocked up on your reds yet?? If you haven't, then let's start with something basic. Like this v-necked top for example. The back is low cut, and has sort of a string tied there! Don't know how to describe it. But that sort of design is making its appearance often. This top goes great with a pair of skinnies, but make sure your bottom isn't too bright; there's something called clashing!

Bundle of Joy

More bling and tiers! Very Serena inspired, although the tights are more towards Blair, don't you think? Nonetheless, it's a great combination! Love the shoes as well. I'm sure you're ready to hit the nightlife in this outfit already!

Wings Of Love

Valentine's Day is like what, next month? A little too early, but it's good to be prepared. You'll never know if you run out of time looking for that perfect present! When the time comes, this handmade card will be the perfect accompaniment to your gift.

Hazel Mazel

I think most of us has already passed our sweet sixteen, le sigh. But that doesn't mean we can't dress like one! I mean, okay, we'll pass on the juvenile logo t shirts and badly fitted jeans, but this babydoll dress? Irresistible! It even has eyelets oh-my-Gawd. Just so we won't be accused of not acting our age, let's pair this with tights and more grown up shoes.


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