Monday, December 29, 2008


Pretty Ever After

I've always wanted to try wearing socks like in that tshirt, but I'm afraid it might make my legs look short and fat. Y'know, the horizontal lines theory? But anyway, this tshirt is cute, and it's pink. I'm all for pink! The earrings are also really matching, but it's a pity they're not selling that as well.

Souled Sisters

I've once reviewed a 3D bird-in-a-cage necklace. Now it's time to bring in the 2D version! This necklace comes in a variety of colours; not just pink. So you'd be spoilt for choices on which colour to choose.


Sequined dresses go great in the clubs. What with all the blinding lights, you'll instantly get noticed with all the sequins reflecting back the light. Not only that, this dress has a sexy back, so put on your FreeBra/NuBra and get dancing the New Year away!

Clothes I Like

A simple flowy racerback like this gets me going on days when I'm lazy to dress up. Just throw on this top, a pair of jeans, muss your hair; you're ready to go!

Oh btw, Clothes I Like are having FREE postage for two items and above in a single receipt! Storewide 10% discount!! (excluding sales item).

Mini Pose

This pink pinafore is so sweet! It's too bad the inner top isn't inclusive, but then, what way better than to mess around with your own style??

Cat in a Bowl

Sad, isn't it, when our country doesn't have winter. Totally defeats the idea of a winter wardrobe, especially when there are so many cute winter outfits! Thank God for the highlands, as they're the only little hint of cold weather we might get in this country. So if you're off to Genting for the New Year...hint hint! It'll be cool to wear this faux fur-laced hooded bomber jacket! (What a mouthful). Best part is, you can wear this with a cocktail dress (for the casino) and tights, and keep warm while looking cool! Okay, that was quite contradictory.

A Girl's Wardrobe

I've seen 3D crown pendants, but this is the first time I've seen a 2D crown pendant with multicoloured diamantes. I'll have to say...I approve! This will totally dress up a plain outfit of a tshirt and jeans, and why don't you add in a hairband while you're at it.

They're right. It doesn't hurt to show some skin. It certainly won't hurt when you balance it off with a demure long sleeved, knee length dress, and just a hint of cleavage! I am loving the vintage look of this tan dress and I'm sure you can modernize it a little with trendy shoes!


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