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Fancy yourself a pair of patent grey oxfords? Why not! They come with a cute clasp, as well as little peep holes (not peep toed). Pair these with jeans and your favourite top and you're bound to turn heads.


Looks like just about anything and everything can be sold online nowadays. This time we have fake toenails for sale! *appalled* I didn't even know there were such things as fake toenails! I only knew about fake nails. Guess I really am a pedicure noob. Nonetheless, I really like the emerald green colour of these nails! The little jewels add the extra touch of bling, and they're bound to look cute and sparkly from my equally cute sandals!

Frills Shoppe

Shorts with suspenders are just as good as pinafores! They're so uber cool, I just feel like pairing a white racerback top with it, some funky neon coloured tights and high top sneakers. Hahahaha omg what a combination but if you have the confidence, you could pull it off.

The Juicy Closet

This reminds me of the dress that Blair Waldorf wore at the Debutante ball, except that the bow on this isn't half as big. Nonetheless, work this toga dress in a fancy end-of-the-year party that's bound to happen with a fancy necklace and some glittery shoes.

Lala Bubbles Shoppie

The pendants keep on becoming quirkier! I've seen this pendant in a shop before but it was gold plated and in a gold plated chain, so I wasn't really interested. But this is nicer! Definitely nicer. Best thing is, the bulb can be unscrewed (omg so cool) though I don't know what you can put inside.

Lacquer & Lace

If your anniversary or boyfriend's birthday is nearing, I'd suggest you buy him this versatile bag! You have to totally read the blog to see the different ways you can wear this bag. You can use it as a backpack like in the picture, or a knapsack (by tucking in the flap) or as a soft briefcase for a smarter look. Trust me, your boyfriend will love it.

A Lil Of Everything

Fancy getting yourself or the bestie a perfume as a gift? Smell like top model Kate Moss with her new floral-musk fragrance Kate. Here's a description of the fragrance I found on

Feminine forget-me-not is spiced with pink peppercorns and suffused with voluptuous orange blossom absolute. Glamour and beauty are evoked with a heady, floral mix of lily of the valley, heliotrope, magnolia, peony and rose petals. The exquisite, sensual warmth and the strength of an independent spirit haunt the wearer in a whirl of patchouli, sandalwood, musk, vetiver and ambrette seed. The darker, wild side of life vibrates in an indefinable air of seduction and magnetism.

The Dressy Dresser

End of the year means holiday season for most of us. One of the popular destinations for holidays are usually the beaches, but even if you're not going to the beach, you can still feel it by wearing this floral hawaiian inspired halter dress! It doesn't even need to be a halter; you can wear it as a tube too! Play around with the straps to tie it whichever way you want to.

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

I definitely prefer gladiators in heels as opposed to flats. Heels essentially make you look taller, and your legs longer. Espadrilles are also much nicer to wear than skinny heels, as you won't need to worry about your heel breaking or you stepping into a hole and losing your balance.


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