Saturday, December 06, 2008


Fancy Sista

That is one very lovely skirt. Even though it's longer than my usual socially-acceptable-midthigh length, the asymmetrical skirt is really different from the other skirts. It even looks like it has ruffles, and the overall effect is quite bohemian. Not to mention it's in dark grey, my current favourite colour. There's only one piece available, so you better get it before I beat you to it.

Purple Peppermint

More of those vintage graphic tshirts! I've googled this Dubble Dubble Gum thing, and it actually exists! But the real name is Dubble Bubble Gum, and the little boy is similar, except the original is thinner. Nonetheless, don't you just love these vintage tees with old-style advertisements? Like the old Coca Cola design, etc etc etc.

Luscious Lips - Sales

Those who have a great decolletage should show them off in a U-neck tshirt. Like this one in sweet pink roses, it's very Somerset Bay-ish, and will look exceptionally sweet in a white tiered skirt. Add a pair of ballet flats to the sweet factor, or if you wanna balance it out a little, wear some fierce shoes, like a pair of gladiator heels?

Kiss and Tell

You know what's my favourite outfit to wear to a casual house party? A camisole, jeans and heels. Nothing too prissy, nothing too formal, because you know how us teenagers can get in a house party. Plus with all the people (and alcohol), the temperature is bound to go up, so you can still keep cool in a camisole like this one.


Personally, I don't know if I'm able to walk in these without falling, or screaming in agony after five minutes. I do know that these shoes are so fierce that I fell in love with them the minute I set my eyes on it. Another thing I do know is that they will look extremely good with tights and a mini dress.

Iccy House

Bows are in fashion now. The bigger, the better. With this top, you can tie your bow whichever direction you like; left, right, middle. Know what's the best part? You can wear this top back to front! I know, so fab.

Hong's Fashion Wardrobe

Thank me, because I have just found the perfect accessory for that cocktail dress (or whatever outfit you've put together) you're planning to wear to that Christmas party. A silver angel! Complete with a halo, wings, and singing carols. Look, there's even a little cross on the chain of the necklace, so how cool is that.

Sweet Toothsome

Sometimes the boyfriend wants to surprise you on a date, so he doesn't tell you where you're going! So you'll never know if he's going to bring you to some fancy restaurant, or just a casual joint. The worst part is, you don't know how to dress. Your best bet is an elegant basic top like this, dark jeans (because they look more formal), and low heels. That way, if you're going somewhere not too fancy, you won't appear overdressed. If you're going somewhere fancy, you won't be underdressed. You're just in between. Very good, isn't it??

Chiq La Belle

This slinky tube dress is so sexy, and especially quirky with the little hint of colour at the side of the dress. Seeing as it has a little metallic sheen, I'd say this will go well for the clubs. If it's for the office, you can follow like the blog says; add a cardigan (for my suggestion, a fancy blazer-like jacket), and black tights. As for shoes, I'd suggest oxfords.


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