Saturday, January 03, 2009


Ancient Orchids

Where ever are you going to wear such a pretty dress of this sort? If you don't have a wedding to attend soon, fret not. Miss SC will teach you how to dress this down. :P Take a biker/bomber jacket, and put it on. Add fishnet tights and booties. Goodbye demure girl, hello sexy woman!

Shopaholix Bar

Okay, now this asymmetrical top is really something! You can either leave it to drape long, or you can tie the side up to make it an even length. It may look like an ordinary braided halter top, but the back is to die for! Put on your NuBra/FreeBra and hit the clubs in this!

Pixie Closet

If it looks like a cropped cardigan over a tube for you, I don't blame you. They're actually a faux two-piece top! Very Ugly Betty meets ditzy bimbo, this top is. If you wanna go all out with the geeky look, I suggest a high waisted skirt, huge horn rimmed glasses and a supertight ponytail.


Woe is the curly haired girl and the torn ribbon in her hair. Joy is the girl wearing this tshirt and looking hot in her supershort skirt and super high gladiator heels!


I have always been a firm believer that if you wear something skimpy for the top, wear something decent for the bottom and vice versa. That way, you can avoid looking like a skank. I guess Moto-Moto shares my views as well, cause look at this lovely long sleeved, cowl neck mini dress! If you're afraid you might accidentally flash someone, opt for tights or leggings. Although I'm not a fan of leggings, I think wearing those slick black leggings with boots can actually pull off looking like leather pants.

Trendy Hunt

I am digging the raggedy feel of this knit coat. Though our weather doesn't really make coats a necessity, there is something called air conditioning. Strong air conditioning. If the strong AC in your workplace/college isn't enough to make you wanna snuggle inside this comfy coat, I'm sure the fashionista in you will dig the tusk-like buttons!

Wear U Style

Why does this scarf look like it has a checkered design but yet a houndstooth design as well?? If you don't believe me, check out the blog! But anyway, I have always loved scarves. If you've been following my blog, I did mention a few times that scarves can just dress up any outfit. Plain tshirt and jeans? Put on a scarf, and you won't look plain no more!

Frills Shoppe

If you're the type who shun girly, flowery dresses and tops and prefer the rockstar appeal, have I got the perfect earrings for you! Shell earrings with skull and bones printed on them. Feminine, but with an androgynous edge.

French Kiss

Booties can be seen everywhere now. And with good reason! Other than pumps, these babies look best with tights and leggings. Just imagine, pairing this pair of booties with tights, and a supershort sleeveless dress with a biker jacket. Tres chic!

The Milkyland

I'm lovin' it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like McDonalds, so why not proclaim my love by wearing this pommes frites necklace? I can guarantee you that they'd be the perfect accompaniment to a tshirt-denim miniskirt-whatever shoes you like combo.


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