Friday, November 21, 2008


The Kooky Thing

Good news! The Kooky Thing will be having their Christmas and clearance sales for only a week, which is from 21st of November till the 28th of November. Do hurry! 10% off all clothes and 5% off all shoes. Yeah, I know it's a little too early to be having Christmas sales, but so what??

The Red Tomatoes

This cardigan would be perfect for my friend. What better to display your name than to wear it? Haha...

Iccy House

Something for the guys. Yes, those are ketchup bottles, but doesn't it look artistic?? It's on sale too. Personally, I like the white one very much. If it was a girl's tshirt, I'd definitely get one for myself.

Jeans Pearly

Had on too much bling but can't leave home without earrings? Go for studs. Subtle, yet not too overpowering. Take this cutesy one for example. Who woulda thunk it??

La'Belle Closet

Going out for a Christmas dinner with the parents? Going out on a date to a fancy restaurant? Wear this. Not too fancy, not too casual. Bring along a shawl or a cropped cardi inside your bag just in case it gets a little chilly. Hey, that's what hobo bags are for.

Forever Only U

I've always liked those Japanese bells. They're really cute, especially those transparent ones with stuff painted on them. Like, a koi fish or something. Imagine something cute, becoming even cuter! A miniature bell, perfect for you to hang on your cellphone, keys, bags, thumbdrives, etc etc. Can the little dragonfly printed tag be any more cuter too??

Miss Lola's Closet

I thought this tube came out quite awhile ago? Nonetheless, I never had a chance to review it back then, so I'll review it now! Check out the back, totally sexy. You can tie it whichever way you like, so be creative.

Eve's Closet

Off shoulder tops can be so sexy without being revealing. Like this one, for example. It's also quite easy to pair with, either with jeans, shorts, skirts, whichever you like. My favourite combination would be the jeans, the darker the better.

Cloud Nine

More lovely dresses from them. They only have a few, and these came all the way from Aussie! Nothing like a simple spagghetti dress for a lazy day.


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