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Since this is my first ever post, I'll try to be nice. Basically, what I'll be doing here is the same as every other blog that reviews *most* of the blog boutiques in the region; review! I may not be nice at times, but bear in mind that this is just purely, my view. I do not pressure others to think the same way that I do, but if there are any, then hello!

I think I must be through with my tomboy phase, because I absolutely adore dresses now! Maybe there is still a little tomboyish streak in me, but this sporty-looking dress is something that I'm after.

Looky, they even have a similar design for a top. Personally, I hardly look good in long sleeved tops, because I am skinny, and my boobs aren't the biggest around town. Long sleeved tops will just make me look even flatter, and I can hardly find one that's actually fitting for my size. Too bad for me.

If you're like me, long skirts are a no-no. Especially frumpy ones. But I suppose it's an essential to have at least one long skirt in your wardrobe for those uptight functions where they find girls in skirts above the knees too revealing. You know what I mean. And I suppose this skirt is not bad looking for a long skirt. I mean, I've seen worse. It's not new enough to be modern, and not old enough to be vintage, so it's stuck in limbo becoming...ugly.

Aries Wardrobe

Now this is something that I would never be caught wearing outside my house. Not even inside my house! No offense, but it's really tacky. Wearing tops with numbers boldly emblazoned on the chest is so pre-teen, plus the idea of it being a cropped top ups the tackiness value. Now if the inner top was to be sold, I'd gladly wear it. Alone. Without the cropped top, thank you very much.

This is definitely something that caught my fancy. It's long, but not too long to be a trenchcoat (something too overly dressed for our weather), and not too short to hide those of us with slightly more meat on the thighs than we'd like. If you don't like to button it, simply tie the sash around! Plus it has pockets, which is earns extra brownie points from me! Perfect for those icy lecture halls.

This, my darlings, is purrfect for those crummy presentations where we have to dress formally for. If you, like me, dislike wearing those prissy button-up shirts, then you'll love this. Pair it up with some well-pressed slacks or an A-line skirt and you're good to go! Better still, this knitted top can also be worn casually, just like in the picture! Don't you just love versatile tops? I know I do.

There they are, the famous fashion blog who brought in the Blair Warldorf dress! In the exact same design! As much as it looked great on Leighton Meester, I highly recommend those with slightly more meat on the hips than preferred to stay away from this dress like the plague. Now I love GG fashion as much as the other trendy girl, but it is one thing to follow the fashion blindly, and another thing to be trendy yet wearing something that looks good on you. Don't follow blindly now, girls.
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