Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello people! Sorry I'm a bit late, but here are my reviews for today!

Velvet Ribbon

This is such an awesome blazer! It could be a simple white blazer all by itself, but the gold faux buttons really funk it up! Here's a look to try: wear a simple tshirt and this blazer over it, shorts, a pair of low cut sneakers and if possible, an anklet. A clash of formal and casual wear! I got the idea from, do check it out!

Cat in a Bowl

I am digging this Victorian inspired piece. A high necked collar with frills and a ruffled sleeve! And just not to make it too uptight and conservative, the decolletage area is semi transparent. Totally reminds me of sipping some Earl Grey with authentic teacups in a garden.

Jen's Closet

When I see this dress, somehow or rather I'm reminded of the famous Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Now I know that dress is a maxi and this is a cocktail dress, but doesn't it give off the same vibe? Or maybe I'm just hallucinating. Good news - the rose cincher comes free with the dress!

Mellow Trend

Preloved clothes again, ladies. The good thing about having a tight hem in a dress? No worries about perverted winds blowing your skirt ala Marilyn Monroe! Lucky the dress isn't all totally tight, otherwise we'd be afraid to eat in them.

Iccy House

I've been seeing these kind of dresses in a few shops; the dress is block colour, but the hem has stripes of colours that totally stands out. Might this spark a new trend? I like the boat neck; gives off the illusion of wider, nicer shoulders.

LDR Collection

One of the things I like about Anna Sui is that their packaging are always so vintage girly! Doesn't this remind you of the mirror that the Beast gave Belle in Beauty and the Beast? Even though it's not a magical mirror, I'd love to see myself in this beauty (I meant the mirror).

Bouncing Bananas

Favourite snacks when we were kids. Ah, I vaguely remember buying sweets that would pop and crackle on my tongue as soon as they reached contact with liquid. Actually, don't we still eat those tidbits?? I know I still love my Pocky (actually, Rocky for my case) and KitKat!

Strawberries and Tea

I love my halters, racerbacks, spaghettis and tubes. But I hate getting stopped in uni for wearing such revealing item of clothings! (I know, what a prick) What better way to shut their trap than to wear a cardigan over it? Better make it one that's funky looking too, like this flowy drape.

Ministry of Clothes

I have yet to don the entire Japanese schoolgirl outfit! All I am lacking is the courage and confidence to pull it off. And of course, a cheap pair of decent knee-length socks. The ones I see offline (in reality shops) are totally absurd! RM40 for a pair of socks and they aren't even normal looking. This one retails for RM10. So totally worth it.


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